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Website Update

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We try to update Angel-Eco’s web site with new and improved information as much as possible and consequently during these last 2 months (May 2109) we have been busy. More.. read more

The House of the Devil

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Angel Falls & Jimmie Angel By Karen Angel Karen Angel is the niece of Jimmie Angel and President of the Jimmie Angel Historical Project (JAHP). The JAHP’s mission is to.. read more

Other South American Destinations – Colombia & Peru

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Angel-Eco Tours is able to offer trips to other South American destinations with other like minded partners should you need our help.  “Over the years we have developed a number.. read more

New Excursions / Expeditions

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Angel-Eco Tours customizes ecotrips and adventure packages throughout Venezuela, specializing in trips to Angel Falls and to Canaima National Park. However, more sample itineraries and destinations have been added to.. read more

Jimmie Angel plane on Angel Falls, Canaima National Park, Venezuela

New “Tribute to Jimmie Angel” Expedition dates for 2016 (Completed)

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Karen Angel (Jimmie Angel’s niece) and Paul Stanley (President of Angel-Eco Tours) made a new expedition to Angel Falls at the end of June / beginning of July 2016. Included.. read more

Exciting new trekking / hiking expedition. Ghost Canyon & Aicha Falls. Canaima National Park

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Angel-Eco Tours has just cut new ground for an exciting new addition to our portfolio. A magical location deep in Canaima National Park untrodden by tourists before. Some helicopters have.. read more

Tribute to Jimmie Angel. The overland route by Ruth Robertson to Angel Falls

Posted on February 18, 2015 · Posted in blog, news online

Special Expedition | 8 days / 7 nights June 27 to July 4, 2015 Karen Angel (niece of Jimmie Angel) and Paul Stanley (President, Angel-Eco Tours) organized a special expedition.. read more

Margarita Island and Isla Coche.

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Imagine this… wake early in the morning and take a brisk walk along the white sands stopping briefly to enjoy the surf and the warm waters of the Caribbean. Stop.. read more

Travel with a smile

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Angel-Eco Tours is excited to announce a new program with a difference… “Health & Wellness”. As well as coming to visit the natural beauty, experience the country’s culture and wonderful.. read more

Catatumbo River / Maracaibo Lake “Lightning Tour” – Western Venezuela

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Imagine this… after driving through the spectacular foothills of the Andes and embarking on a boat for your transfer to a quaint fishing community near the shores of Lake Maracaibo… read more