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Views from Venezuela

Posted on October 29, 2003 · Posted in Uncategorized

The “Views” were prepared for the second annual ecotourism exposition and international conference (Expoecoturismo 2003) which happened between 29 October / 1 November in Ciudad Guyana, on the banks of.. read more

Venezuela – To Live a Dream

Posted on June 27, 2003 · Posted in article

by Venezuela Britkidz’ teacher Jo Everitt As a Humanities teacher at the Queen Eleanor Community College in Stamford (Lincolnshire, England), I have a passion for learning about the world we.. read more

Venezuela tempts travelers with rain forests, Falls

Posted on September 16, 2001 · Posted in Newspaper

To reach the Lost World, you first have to give civilization the slip.You accomplish this by taking a series of ever-smaller aircraft into Guayana – not the country, but a.. read more

Canaima: Where Angels and Devils Collide

Posted on July 10, 2001 · Posted in online travel review, website

I threw my bags into the back, went around to the passenger side door, and slid into the front seat. A few moments later, the engine was purring and the.. read more