Kamarata Vale

Parque Nacional Canaima

kamarata Valley

I am extremely biased of course, for the last 22 years I have been lucky enough to be working with the Kamarakotos, one of the three Pemón indigenous tribes in Kamarata Vale – Parque Nacional Canaima.

Not only is this a beautiful, even spiritual, location but a chance for a cultural interaction with the local Kamarakotos.

Kamarata Valley may be off the beaten track but is a must visit for eco savvy tourists especially. There are spectacular canyons, waterfalls, hikes with extraordinary vistas all overlooked by the imperious and magnificent Auyántepui, a tabletop mountain the size of Margarita Island.

Paul G. Stanley (Presidente do Anjo-Eco Tours, Conservação do anjo & Fundacíon Etnika).


Angel-Eco Tours, not only brings the occasional visitors but has founded two not-for-profits to work with the community and together with the Pemón are presently building a cultural and visitors centre in Kamarata itself. The two not-for-profits are Conservação do anjo e Fundacíon Etnika.

This experience actually runs in the Gran Sabana by the southern foothill of the Auyantepui and can only be reached by plane, that makes it even a more authentic experience that gets you immersed in the Valley of the Lost World.

Dia 1. Canaima to Uruyén

Board a light plane in Canaima for a short flight to Uruyen in the south of Auyantepui, landing on the same air strip where both Jimmie Anjo e Ruth Robertson (early explorers to Canaima) set up base camps before their respective expeditions.

Jimmie first discovered Angel Falls (em 1935) and Ruth later (Maio 1949) proved they were the tallest in the world.

Sobrevôo espetacular de Angel Falls incluído (o tempo o permitir).

Afternoon hike of about 1 hour to the sacred Yurwan Canyon and local waterfalls, with indigenous Pemón guides. We can swim in the pool below the waterfall. Overnight at the Pemón lodge in Uruyen in beds. (O,D)

Angel Falls, Os primeiros exploradores - a cachoeira mais alta do mundo
Churún Valley.

Hike from Uruyén to Kavak.

Kavak Canyon. Golondrina Falls..

Dia 2. Uruyén to Kavak

After a tasty breakfast with the first views of the Auyántepui we will start our 10 kilometre hike to Álamo through savannah and rainforest, crossing two rivers en route. This short hike once made the top ten list in the Americas.

We hike through the small settlement in Uruyen para Santa Martuma – a pristine village where the locals practice and protect their culture and language. The eighty or so inhabitants survive on agriculture, hunting and fishing.

After lunch in Álamo, we will relax a little to digest our food before hiking into Kavak Canyon where lies two stunningly beautiful waterfalls, Tebarawempa (Honey Bee Falls) and Golondrina (Swallow Falls). Lovers pool beckons from where we will swim into the canyonone of the most magical exhilarating experiences in Canaima’s National Park.

At the end of the canyon is Golondrina Falls where we can swim or simply marvel at its creation over millions of years. Dinner will be perfect time to relax and get ready for the following day. Overnight at Kavak Lodge.(B,O,D)

Dia 3. Álamo – Kamarata – Canaima

Depending upon the time of the transfer flight back to Canaima (or Puerto Ordaz) there may be time to visit the Indian Falls and La Toma on the first level of the tepui, or take a jeep ride and visit Kamarata and the new museum / cultural centre we are in the process of building. (B)

Flight to Canaima ou Puerto Ordaz.

Fim do programa.

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