Exciting new trek. fantasma Canyon & Aicha Cascate. Parco nazionale di Canaima

Ghost Canyon – Parco Nazionale di Canaima – Venezuela
Great shot by Alan Highton

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Angel-Eco Tours ha appena aperto nuovi orizzonti per un'entusiasmante nuova aggiunta al nostro portafoglio. Un luogo magico nel profondo del Parco Nazionale di Canaima, mai calpestato dai turisti prima. Some helicopters have landed in the mysterious canyon but no-one has entered by footat least not any tourists. The indigenous have made a few trips to the canyon to pave the way for ourselves. Two trips are offered one short and another larger, the second (two nights longer) hikes up to Aicha Falls and then on to the valley below of Kamarata. Expertly guided by a mixture of the indigenous Pemón tribe (Kamarakotos & Taurepanes) through virgin rainforest across plains / savannahs, traversing river. Including cultural interaction with the villagers (cultural dancing) of our local hosts. Groups must be small 2-6 and we encourage bringing something along to help the localPueblo” (lists provided).