I primi esploratori a Canaima. I primi esploratori di Canaima

Jimmie Angelo (1899-1956)

Tribute to JimmieAngel Expedition. Angel Falls Expedition VenezuelaPhoto: Jimmie Angel’s plane on top of the tepui.

The world’s tallest waterfall is named after American aviator-explorer James “Jimmie” Crawford Angelo. Angelo first saw the waterfall 18 Novembre 1933 while flying solo in the Churún Canyon (noto anche come Canyon del Diavolo) in the heart of the vast tabletop mesa known as Auyantepui. Egli osservò nel libretto di pilota, "Trovai una cascata."

Pursuing the Lost River of Gold, Jimmie Angelo had scouted the landing spot on Auyantepui from the air prior to the landing attempt on 9 Ottobre 1937. In un primo momento, l'atterraggio sembrava essere perfetto, but the wheels of El Rio Caroní broke through the sod and sank into mud bringing the airplane to an abrupt halt with a broken fuel line and its nose buried in the mud. Nessun oro è stato trovato.
La cascata è stato nominato ufficialmente Angel Falls nel mese di dicembre 1939 by the Venezuelan government in honour of Jimmie Angel’s exploration of the Gran Sabana during the years 1933-1939. Le sue ceneri sono state sparse sopra la cascata sul 2 Luglio 1960.
Per ulteriori informazioni: www.jimmieangel.org


Charlie Baughan (1901-1956)

Chris BaughanPhoto: Charles Baughan, centre with indigenous family.

anIn 1947, another U.S bush pilot Charlie Baughan a native of Georgia and a good friend of Jimmie Angel’s discovered Laguna di Canaima and saw its potential to build a tourist camp there.

According to Ruth Robertson’s account of Charlie in her book “Churún Meru. The Tallest Angel” Charles Baughan probably remains best known for opening up Icabarú near the border between Venezuela e Brasile and for developing what is known as the Canaima resort at Hacha Falls and lagoon.

Icabarú was in deep jungle – some call it impenetrable, anche se sotto la profonda baldacchino verde di alberi ad alto fusto intrecciato con liane ci sono percorsi dove entrambi indiani e minatori battistrada dolcemente attraverso bug infestata deserto e intorno migliaia di fiumi roccia cosparso, cataratte e cascate. These pathways – the main one called El Paseo de la Gran Sabana – were especially padded down along the banks of the Rio Caroní and its tributaries, perché fu in questa regione che venivano trovate favolose quantità di diamanti e oro. "

He and his wife Mary died in a plane crash near Higuerote, Venezuela and was buried in his “dream resort” Canaima.

Ruth Agnes McCall Robertson Marietta (1905-1998) 

Angel Falls, Venezuela - la cascata più alta del mondoPhoto: Ruth Robertson with camera in handRuth Robertson with camera in hand.

In 1947, American photojournalist Ruth Robertson saw Angel Falls while flying in an unconverted C-47 in Churún Canyon (Diavolo Canyon). Durante quel primo volo, Robertson shot more than a dozen “Kodachromes” and resolved to enter the canyon on foot to photograph Angel Falls from below and to determine its exact height.

Nel mese di maggio 1949 ha guidato la prima spedizione (Gli Forgotten Expedition) inside the Churún Canyon. Her photographs as well as her account of the journey were published in National Geographic, Novembre 1949, e l'altezza delle cascate 'annunciato al mondo: la goccia di 2,648 piedi; il totale 3,212 (979 metri).

Maggio 12, 2019 marked the 70th anniversary of Ruth’s expedition to Angel Falls feel free to read the recently published story written by Jorge Gonzalez, a board member of the Jimmie Angelo progetto storico. https://wsimag.com/science-and-technology/54825-may-12-1949

Per ulteriori informazioni: www.ruthrobertson.org

Aleksandrs Laime (1911-1994)

Photo: Aleksandrs Laime.

Also known as Alejandro Laime oppure Alexander Laime, era un famoso esploratore lettone di nascita. He is most noted for being the first recorded human to reach Angel Falls by foot and accompanied Ruth Robertson on her expedition.

Secondo come riferito ha stabilito, together with Charles Baughan, the tourist camp of Canaima, created solely for the purpose of bringing tourists to Angel Falls. Laime became quite a recluse and lived 3-4 years at different “camps” on top of Auyantepui, spostando ogni anno in una diversa posizione. His Pemón friends would bring food to him once every so often so he could survive.

Laime came down the Churún River on March 20, 1994, fare scorta di cibo e rifornimenti per alcune settimane, come faceva spesso. He spoke to the wife of Ramon Jimenez, chiedendo per lui. Si lamentava con lei di dolori al petto, e ha detto che sapeva che la fine era vicina.

He is reported as saying that he wanted to climb Auyantepui one last time, a morire lassù. He then went to the nearby Waku Lodge, per un drink. Morì poco dopo nel bagno di un attacco di cuore.

Per ulteriori informazioni: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandrs_Laime