With offices in New York City and Caracas, Angel-Eco Tours is a leader in designing adventure travel packages to Venezuela, South America. Experienced, multilingual guides will lead you on a variety of adventures to such beautiful destinations as Angel Falls (the highest free falling waterfall in the world), to magnificent rainforests and jungles exploding with unique vegetation and over 1,200 species of birds and 250 species of exotic wildlife.

Adventure Vacation Packages for Getting Away From It All

Angel-Eco Tours gets you away from it all by taking you to a variety of unique and remote locations in Venezuela. When you arrive at your final destination – be it – to Angel Falls, Roraima, the Orinoco River Delta, the Andes, the Llanos (wetlands), the lush rainforest, Mochima National Park or the pristine Los Roques islands in the Caribbean – you are transported to another world. Venezuela has more Caribbean coast line than any other country.

You will live the unfolding mystery that is Venezuela. As one Angel-Eco Tours guest observed: “You will never see anything like this again.” Famous explorers and adventurers have called Venezuela the “Land of Divine Grace” and “Paradise on Earth.” Experience Venezuela yourself and create your own personal memories.

Despite the current Venezuelan political climate, foreign travellers are still encountering the “friendly and helpful people” of Venezuela while enjoying its natural paradise, where “all perceptions of the beauty of the natural world [are] exceeded.”

Adventures for All Travellers

Adventure travel packages for individuals, groups and families of all ages and travel goals can be designed. Angel-Eco Tours offers travel packages that include some strenuous journeys for the avid trekker / hiker as well as trips designed to be more relaxed and stress-free.

Angel-Eco Tours will work with you, your group or your family to arrange the perfect combination of destinations and duration – from two to three days to two to three weeks – whatever works best for you.