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If you are a citizen of the United States or Canada you now need a visa to enter Venezuela (since March 2015), please see the following link for more information on applying for a tourist visa In any case you will need to attend an interview personally at your local Consulate or Embassy and whilst the advice given suggests applying 3 months prior to any trip we have had clients most recently who have visited their local Consulate and received their visa same day. 3 months is the worst case scenario.

IMPORTANT – Recently we had some clients who personally sent their “papers” to the Venezuelan Embassy in Mexico City then were told to pick up their visa personally in 6 weeks. They did so and flew to Venezuela via Mexico.

Presently, for residents of the European Community, all that you need for travel to Venezuela is a valid passport and a tourist card (valid for a 30 to 90-day stay) that will be handed to you on your international flight to Venezuela. Since politics change so quickly it is advisable to check your visa requirements before planning any trip to Venezuela.

For current information concerning entry, tax, and customs requirements for Venezuela, travellers can try to contact the Venezuelan consulates – if they are still in existence after the sanctions the U.S imposed on Venezuela –  in New York, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Houston, San Francisco or San Juan.

Travel Health Resource can provide (for a fee) a comprehensive travel package requirements including health, entry requirements etc.

For more health advice when planning to visit Venezuela, consider the following internet sources:

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