Lost World Experience Trip Detail.

  • Day 1: Caracas

    Arrival in Caracas or Margarita. Our friendly staff will greet you and transport you to your hotel. Balance of the day at your leisure.

  • Day 2 & Day 3: Caracas – Uruyén
    Flight to Uruyén in Canaima National Park, with first views of Angel Falls (in clear weather). We will spend the next two days exploring the surrounding canyons, jungles and waterfalls. Accommodations (beds) are in lovely thatched-roof huts.

    For a description of Uruyén and location – Uruyén Lodge.

  • Day 4: Uruyén – Kavak
    Hike to Kavak through jungle and savanna. Visits will be made to several small indigenous villages. At Kavak you will sleep in hammocks or beds, in clean rustic rooms, for two nights.
    Activities include a day-hike through the surrounding virgin jungle to the Kavak Cave, Kavak and Honeybee Waterfalls. In the afternoon, those who are interested can join in a soccer game with local Pemón. 3-4 hr hike to La Toma overlooking Kavak with beautiful vistas of the valley. Cultural dance by local Pemón for groups.
    For a description of Kavak and location – Kavak Lodge.
  • Day 5 & Day 6: Kamarata – Kamadak
    Departure for Kamarata, visit to the Capuchin Mission and local schools. Here we begin our river journey on the Akanan river to Kamadak in curiaras (dugout canoes) overnighting at Campamento Weikokopa in hammocks with mosquito nets.

    Activities may include a visit to the local school in Awaraparu and weather and time permitting possibly a full day hike to the beautiful Kamadak Vena (falls) – add one day extra for the latter.  

  • Day 7: Kamadak – Arenal
    Take to the river once more for a delightful trip to the secluded camp at Arenal situated along the banks of the Carrao river opposite the vast walls of the tabletop mountain reaching high into the sky. Overnight in hammocks.
  • Day 8: Ratoncito Camp – Angel Falls
    River journey continues into Devil’s Canyon, to the base of Angel Falls. From our rustic camp on Ratoncito Island we will hike to several spectacular views of the falls. Overnight in hammocks.
  • Day 9: Canaima Lagoon – Caracas
    Return to Carrao River. Journey to Sapo Falls and Canaima Lagoon. Depart for Caracas. 

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