Mountains, Sun and Sea

The Oriente is made up of a number of Venezuelan states, Anzoategui, Monagas, Sucre and Margarita Island. Featured destinations could include a visit to La Cueva del Guácharo in Cueva del Guácharo National Park near the beautifully situated town of Caripe (Monagas), Mochima National Park (Anzoategui and Sucre), Playa de Uva (Sucre), Playa Medina (Sucre), Aguas Sanas (“hot springs”) also in Sucre and of course Margarita Island (there is a ferry to Puerto La Cruz to connect the island to this mainland peninsula).

As for most Angel-Eco adventures customized trips can be designed to include a number of these destinations.

Think about this:

Enjoy pristine isolated beaches, relax and heal the soul in hot thermal springs, explore the largest cave of Venezuela (La Cueva del Guácharo), interact with the friendly locals, learn first-hand about the cocoa and coffee culture as well as the process for harvesting and production.

Angel-Eco offers you the chance to visit these somewhat unexplored places in the “Oriente” region of eastern Venezuela. Logistically we try to make it easier for you to decide “on the go” as it were, since weather can be a contributing factor to a visit to this fascinating area. We will provide you with all the necessary tools such as well selected accommodations and convenient transfers “in and out”. Just add your own personal adventurous touch to the program and go where you wish when you wish – our “friends” that run the local accommodations etc. will help you with organizing logistics, such as transfers etc. This is a great way too to manage your own budget day to day.

We recommend that you stay away from group tours and explore independently the beauty of each of these destinations in the Oriente by making your own way there and interacting with the locals. You will not be disappointed.

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Trip Summary
When to go

All year round


Available upon request as trip requirements are totally customizable like most tours.


If you have time in your schedule we suggest 5 - 6 days minimum stay to enjoy and explore everything. Mochima Nationa Park is worth a visit even as a stand alone trip - flying into Cumana, Maturin or driving from the Orinoco Delta.


Very low degree of difficulty - would be good of course if one was able to swim to enjoy the beaches to their maximum.


Mainly comfortable posadas / hotels

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