Catatumbo Trip Details.

Day 1

Leaving Mérida early morning with the mist still in the valleys we will visit some old sugar cane factories on the way to Lagunillas and perhaps check out the locals preparing a “chewing” paste that they call “chimo”. Enroute we will try point out a number of different coffee and cocoa plantations in the Andean foothills in the perfect climate to grow these crops. After lunch, we will arrive at Maracaibo’s basin. Shortly after arrival we will board a local fishing boat and head out into the mangroves, swamps, gallery forests and open lake to observe wildlife such as red howler monkeys, freshwater grey dolphins, iguanas and flocks of birds. We overnight in hammocks that are hung on the decks of stilted houses known as “palafitos” and from the comfort of your hammock you will be able to observe the Catatumbo lightning phenomenon. Almost every night of the year this phenomenon exists. (L,D)

Day 2

After breakfast we will visit the rain forest of the western Andes that are almost as impressive as the Amazon jungle itself and enjoy a short “jungle trek” for a few hours. We will also arrange a fun butterfly photo safari guided by our expert guide. After lunch, depending upon where you will head after the tour we can return to Mérida through quaint Andean villages of La Azulita and Jají – the scenery is quite breathtaking with rolling hills, mountains and small waterfalls along the way and the dense cloud forest of the Andean foothills, the home of the rare Andean Bear (Tremarctos Ornatus). (B,L)