Here are a few testimonials from happy travellers over the years – Angel-Eco’s staff would be more than happy to give “live” and up to date references on request. One could also visit Trip Advisor for more testimonials.

Trip Advisor is another place to look for good testimonials for Angel-Eco –  https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g316071-d316178-r613026794-Angel_Falls-Canaima_National_Park_Guayana_Region.html for more testimonials.

Video Testimonials

We found the whole experience of dealing with Angel/Osprey and your guides to be really great.  From your excellent response times over email and willingness to accommodate my demanding itinerary requests prior to the trip to the fact that your guides and drivers were always extremely punctual and very nice, every one of your representatives that we interacted with was very professional and accommodating.  This took a tremendous amount of potential stress out of the holiday (and planning it in the first place), and we always felt like we were in good hands.

On that note, all of our guides were excellent – I would particularly commend Luiz in Merida, who was great company, but Julio (in Tapuy Lodge) and also Rafael at Hato el Cedral took great care of us too, albeit as part of a larger group.

I would also say that in terms of value for money, what you provided was great.  I compared your offering with that being offered by other tour providers before coming and felt that yours was very fair.  On top of that, the price paid compared to the offerings on other exotic-type holidays in other countries was very reasonable (you can assume I normally do a fair amount of diligence on those too!)

This was Easter season and so very busy, and we really booked last minute so we understood that rooms / hotels were somewhat limited as they were booked but we really liked Posada Sol in Merida and Tapuy Lodge.

My final point would be on Venezuela – we were all really quite amazed at what a beautiful country it is and how much there is to see and do. There was not one day of our trip where we did not see or do something very special – of course the highlight was the Angel Falls, but walking behind other falls at Tapuy lodge was incredible, our Merida hike was beautiful, sleeping in hammocks and watching the lightening in Lake Catatumbo was incredible, and of course seeing dolphins as we horseback rode through Los Llanos was an unforgettable experience.  As a holiday destination Venezuela certainly did not disappoint, and I only wish we had more time to spend here.  There seems to be a tremendous amount of potential here in terms of the tourism industry.

Now I have killed enough time, it is time for the flight – thank you very much again, and I wish you all the best in promoting responsible tourism in Venezuela!

Thank you for your wonderful trip. Carlos saved our ass. We started down late due to me falling several times and Carlos never left us. When it got too dark to see he went back in the dark to get help, and
brought back flashlights and another guide to lead my wife out, and stayed with me the entire time. The sights were wonderful, but the people involved were more beautiful. The woman at the airport that met
us was an angel. You are very fortunate to have such wonderful people working for you, but you are the one who selected them so it also reflects on your good judgement.
Oscar, Sue Thompson

I travelled to Venezuela in November along with 7 friends.  As we were such a big group and only going for a short time (2 weeks) we obviously wanted to get the most out of our trip so we decided to book a tour.  We found the details for Angel-Ecotours in the Lonely Planet who tailor made our trip to include everything we wanted to do, including Delta de Orinoco, the Angel Falls and Isla de Margarita and they turned out to be the best value for money compared with other tour companies we tried.  We had an amazing trip which was made so much easier and more enjoyable by having everything organized for us!
All the transfers were very well organized, the hotels good and it was nice to feel like we were on an independent holiday but yet knowing that we had a point of contact should we need any help.  Paul and Ben were really friendly, flexible and most of all patient in helping us put our tour together.  I would definitely recommend Angel-Ecotours to anyone wanting to tour Venezuela.
Katie Banham

Just wanted to say THANKS for organizing an amazing trip to Venezuela.  We had a wonderful time and everything went smoothly.  We will certainly recommend your company to friends as it was professional, efficient, and reliable.

Venezuela was amazing. The personalized service we got from Angel Eco tours meant that we were able to decide where we went and when and they made it happen!  The tour was so well organized, it really was the best way to see the country as it allowed us to travel independently safely which made travelling in a group of eight much easier and ensured that time could be spent enjoying the country. The guides were great and we leant a lot about the country. I would really recommend the trip to the angel falls. A boat trip up the rapids followed by sleeping in hammocks at the bottom of the falls and hiking up to them in the morning and afterwards walking behind another wider waterfall was a real highlight of the trip. Venezuela really is a beautiful country and all of the people that we met were very friendly. Thanks!

Angel Falls was wonderful!  I regret that I did not get to meet you!  I had looked forward to meeting you and thanking you in person for all your help.

The service of Angel-Eco Tours has been first rate.  You and Paul were both so kind before the trip, and your representatives that we met here were all great.  You, Zam, are a fantastic ambassador for this country!

Thank you for everything.  I will be in touch again.  If you or Angel-Eco ever needs a recommendation, I am happy to provide one.  I will write a letter of praise when I am home.
Kathleen Watts

Great trip–thanks a lot Angel-Ecotours for making it so easy and seamless. Everywhere we went someone came to meet us, and everyone was on time and on the ball.  The trip to Angel Falls was unforgettable, and a blast.
Tobie Whitman

Angel-Ecotours arranged a wonderful two day trip from Caracas to visit Canaima Camp which included flights to and from Caracas to Puerto Ordaz, an enjoyable hike to and behind Sapo Falls, lovely accommodations and great meals at the beautiful Canaima Lodge located right on the lagoon,
an absolutely amazing flight over and around Angel Falls and then a tour of the historical city of Ciudad Bolivar located on the mighty Orinoco River.
All of their in country personnel were very professional, on-time, knowledgeable but very friendly to me as an American as well.
Since Angel-Ecotours is based in the US, it also made it easy in terms of payment and getting information to plan the trip.  I would highly recommend Angel-Ecotours.
Ed Gingras

I went to Venezuela with Angel-Eco / Angel Conservation at the behest of a friend not knowing really what I would find there. But I was surprised to find a really unique experience. With the world becoming more westernized a homogenized there are less and less opportunities to see remarkable landscapes or interact with truly different cultures. Even as a writer of books about culture it was a life changing experience.
J.C. Davies

I have to tell you that we had an amazing time in Venezuela, Leo was outstanding, your country is so rich of culture, the food the music, the people, the land all beautiful. When I stepped out of the plane in Caracas, I could feel it already, some thing in the air got me and I felt comfortable right away. Your care and attention was also perfect. I play your CD a lot, my daughter Ila started dancing right away when she heard it! I am sure I will come back.
Chocolate Maya
Santa Barbara, California (March 2008)

I had just had some bad luck back home in England when my Dad sent me a ticket to go with him to Canaima. It was the best tonic I could ever have had – swimming in all of those pools under amazing waterfalls, playing football with the Pemón, and traveling with a great group of people. Antonio, our guide, was really funny, but very strict about our safety. It was a real bonding experience I would recommend to anyone? In fact I am saving to go back with my mates. It was a brilliant trip!
Darryl Stanley
Essex, England

Thanks again for the great time in Venezuela – it was out of this world. Having previously traveled to incredible destinations around the world, I can easily say that the tour in Venezuela was one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. Unrivaled natural beauty, friendly people, adventure, and outstanding guides that really care. Kavak was my favorite – I love that place, especially the long hikes to hidden waterfalls and rivers – there was one surprise after another.
Chelsey Stranik
Anchorage, Alaska

If someone asked me about the tour, I would highly recommend it. It’s something I’ve never done before – an eco-tour. You really get connected to the land, the people. The Pemón were fabulous; just truly genuine people. And our tour guide was superb. He has an infectious personality. I guess that’s the best way to describe Antonio.
Steve Franzino
Belmont, Massachusetts

Canaima is a paradise on Earth a mirror where you can find reflected all the peace and tranquility of the world. Whenever you feel tired and stressed, you just go there and refill all your energies again. Being a travel agent, I’ve traveled all around the world and from what I have experienced Canaima is the only place where I really felt the nature with all its strength, all its beauty all its wonder…. And for you to really be able to have the right experience you must have the right company – nothing better than an experienced guide, who knows the jungle, the natives, the animals, and that can make you feel secure and right at home while in the middle of the jungle! Antonio Pestana is that guide.
He has lived with the natives for a while year and is a wonderful guide with the ability of making you feel really safe and at home, making jokes of the small annoyances you inevitably despair while dealing with the nature. Each time I go there I always say to Antonio that I just can’t get enough and have to try it one more time…..
Susan Ferreira
Travel Agent
Bilboa, Portugal

I threw my bags into the back, went around to the passenger side door, and slid into the front seat. A few moments later, the engine was purring and the wheels started in motion-our journey to Canaima National Park had officially begun. As we picked up speed, I felt a pleasant breeze came in through my window. Then we took off…
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Bradley Weiss
Guide on IgoUgo.com

Having had a lucky break by meeting Paul, Angel-Eco Tours’ President in Caracas, we found ourselves leaving Ciudad Bolivar on a journey that turned out to be the best experience of our lives! From day one in Canaima, the jump off point for the Salto Angel Falls, we entered a place where all perceptions of the beauty of the natural world were exceeded.

Having initially planned to take the two night three day trip, we decided to extend our tour for a further two nights. Since the tour group that we traveled with had made such a fantastic job that missing out on Uruyen and Kavak was NOT an option. In summary, Venezuela is a country whose natural beauty is still virtually unknown to the outside world. What made our experience even more special, was the way in which the tour operator, Angel-Eco, really cared about the environment and the indigenous people and left us with a better understanding and respect for the world we live in. In short Venezuela is “Paradise Lost”.

As backpackers on a world trip, we feel it will be impossible to encounter such an experience as found in Venezuela. We would recommend and encourage fellow travelers to journey on our trip of a lifetime.

In short definitely a life changing experience – to see that the natural wonders of the earth can fulfill more happiness in one day than maybe a year of life can give in the rat race of the modern world as we know it. Have to see more. Explores ones heart!

By the way our tour guides were fantastic!!!

Safety: Caracas – One on previous belief and another on current experience. Prior to arriving I was led to believe to distrust all in the capital but what I found here were the most friendly and helpful people mindful of our safety in Caracas as two young single women traveling together.
Sinead Forde and Lorraine Rushe
Tuam, County Galway – Ireland