Important anouncement.

An important message from Angel-Eco Tours about Venezuela

Venezuela has been in the international news of late – flight cancellations, hyperinflation, reports of violence, crime, lack of staple foods / medicines, even toilet paper and an awful political climate. We will not comment on the latter as it would be unwise to do so but for those who live in this paradise certainly don’t have it easy right now.

Consequently, with virtually every enquiry of late, we are asked many questions; they range from personal safety to personal hygiene…. Therefore, we are writing this communication in the hope that many folks that are thinking of coming will not be deterred to do so but rather be encouraged to visit this beautiful country.

Let me try to answer your questions up front:

Is it safe?

The answer is as follows. If you travel with us we have a 100% record of looking after our clients safety. Especially if they take notice of Angel-Eco’s detailed itineraries and general travel advice beforehand. We insist on providing personal service and providing all airports, hotels and land transfers with the safety of our clientele in mind. We have staff that have worked with us for years and of course know the lay of the land.

Can I safely store excess luggage?

Yes! You may safely leave items with us for storage when programs insist on baggage allowances of 10-12kgs; such as Canaima / Los Roques.

Should I take insurance?

Most definitely – YES! Why? Because occasionally international and national flights are cancelled or delayed resulting in programs being hastily rearranged or rescheduled having paid deposits even final full payment. Insurance can offer good protection and peace of mind. Here is a link to our partners at World Nomad –

Travel documentation and health advice?

We have a section on our site that talks of this separately. In short, there a few countries that need special visas, especially with travel from the United States for U.S citizens. Please refer to this link to our web page – – one should always check the latest information with the local consulates / embassies prior to booking.

How to book a trip?

Often folks ask if they can pay the tour upon arrival – in cash. This is NOT something we wish to encourage. On the odd occasion and with some kind of guarantee we may negotiate something special, but rarely. We have to pay services up front to our providers and many do not offer refunds, such as airlines and lodges. Deposits are required in timely fashion and payment in full prior to travelling. See

Are there really food shortages and toiletry shortages?

Yes there are! Occasionally in restaurants items will not be available on the menu and in hotels/posadas – shampoo, soap and toilet paper may not be readily available, or rationed as such (available at reception!). We simply recommend being prepared and bringing some supplementary food items / snacks (raisins, dried fruit, nuts etc.) and a roll of toilet paper – just in case. We provide a full list of what to bring prior to booking but this doesn’t include toilet paper to my knowledge or snack items.

How can I obtain local Bolivars on my trip?

This can be arranged by special arrangement. Every day the official and unofficial rates change but we can discuss this prior to your coming. We do not encourage use of credit / debit cards in Venezuela full stop – perhaps in emergency but otherwise not.

We hope the aforementioned will put your mind at rest and answer up front any questions that you may have. We are still running tours regularly, albeit with less clients than previous years, but you should be encouraged to visit us here in Venezuela without focusing on too many issues beforehand. This is the same for many ecotourism destinations worldwide – that’s what makes us all a special breed – we make ourselves aware and prepare ourselves to overcome obstacles in front of us prior to visiting pristine, beautiful destinations with their own special cultural history. In Venezuela’s case, somewhat of an unknown fact, there are 43 national parks and 31 different indigenous tribes. Please check out this link on our site:

Should you need a recent testimonial please ask and even refer to Trip Advisor where we always have had excellent ratings.

Hope to see you soon,

Paul Graham Stanley (Angel-Eco Tours – President)
Benjamin Rodriguez (Director of Operations)
All of our tour providers and staff