Auyántepui trek

Canaima National Park (9 or 13 days)

auyÁntepui trek – devil mountain

An exceptional trek to the summit of Auyántepui in Canaima National Park, starting in Kamarata Valley

If you crave a trekking adventure tour that is out of the ordinary and off the beaten path then this is for you. Groups 4-8 are the recommended size. This trip is moderately strenuous featuring three days of hiking / trekking to the summit of the tepui. The altitude at “El Peñón”, the second camp is a heady 1,600 metres (5,240 ft.) and that is short of the summit which is around 2,300 metres (7,545 ft.). Once on the summit the trekking is fair to moderate.

We recommend that trekkers are fit with no health issues and that they bring adequate medical supplies / kits as well as appropriate clothing. We will supply a packing list prior to the trip and a menu.

Trek for three days climbing through different ecosystems, savannah, rainforest and mountain paths. Spectacular views for the climb itself and on the summit. The last of the three days you face a stiff climb to the summit, once there, so many have shed tears at the wonder before them and the accomplishment.

Truly a Lost World as it has named in the recent past, after Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s novel.

You will retrace the steps of Jimmie Angel, who first discovered Angel Falls in 1933, when he and his small team crash landed on the tepui and had to find a route to descend. They were the first folks to do this.

The trek can be either 8 or 12 days depending on your availability.

Day 1. Canaima – Uruyén – Campo Guayaraca

Board a light plane in Canaima for a short flight to Uruyén, landing on the same air strip where both Jimmie Angel and Ruth Robertson (early explorers to Canaima) set up base camps before their respective expeditions. 

Spectacular overflight of Angel Falls included (weather permitting). 

Upon arrival to Uruyén the tour leader and porters will sort out the logistics for packing, before a light lunch and the first day’s hike of about 5 hours. Normally each person will have their own porter. 

Hike across the savanna to Rio Ököine, where we will take a short lunch break before beginning the steep climb to Cerro Guayaraca. Finally arriving at Guayaraca situated next to a small stream where we can refresh ourselves and make camp for the night. (L,D)

Auyántepui Trek Canaima National Park - Venezuela
Ascent to Guayaraca.

Last night before summit trek

Day 2. Campo Guayaraca – El Peñon (6-7 hours)

Breakfast early around at 6:00am to avoid the early morning sun, after which we will repack and set off on the trek towards El Peñón (the Rock) reaching the shade of the mysterious rain forest before the sun gets too hot. Lunch will be taken at Tapir Camp, a large rocky outcrop on a plateau shaded from the sun. 

Following lunch we will continue our ascent for another three hours or so, to a point with amazing views of the valley below at a height of 1,600 metres (5,240 ft.) – El Peñón

Close by there is a stream where one can cool off and fill the water bottles for the next day.  Overnight at El Peñón(B,L,D)

Day 3. El Peñon – El Oso Camp (6-7 hours)

Breakfast, around 8:00am, we will continue our climb / trek towards the summit reaching the Paloma Wall where we’ll rest up for a while before setting off once more towards the summit and El Libertador – approx 4 hrs. in duration.

It’s a tricky climb (called “bouldering”) using knotted ropes at different points for the climb to the summit which is fondly known as “The Liberator”. 

Tip – bring gloves to grip the ropes and rocks along the way especially in case of rainfall. This part of the climb is simply spectacular; no words can describe the scenery with lush vegetation growing on rocky outcrops and the views…… 

At the summit we will lunch before taking another 3 hr. hike to our next camp for the night, El Oso (the Bear) – another rocky overhang under which we will set up camp. (B,L,D)

El Oso – Auyantepui trek – group.

Auyántepui summit.

Day 4. El Oso Camp – El Dragon (4 hours)

After breakfast, we will hike to El Dragon, through terrain sculptured over millions of years with crazy animal like rock formations. A hike of approximately 4 hrs. to a picturesque camp in rainforest alongside a “black” river.

Lunch at Dragon followed by a hike up the “second wall” of the tepui to experience the vistas of the tepui below. (B,L,D)

Day 5. El Dragon – El Oso Camp

Following breakfast we will explore our surroundings and take a short walk along the river to where the Churún disappears under a great rock that appears to swallow it. 

After lunch, we will return to El Oso Camp, arriving at approximately 5:30 pm. (B,L,D)

Rock formations.

Day 6, 7, 8. Return to Kamarata Valley – Kavak

Day 6 – Today we will relax at El Oso Camp before our return down the tepui, taking breakfast around 8:00am, enjoying the surroundings around the Churún River. We’ll have a picnic beside the river, where we’ll relax before returning to camp for the night and dinner. Here we will see many different plant types such as sundews (carnivorous plants), orchids amongst other endemic species. (B,L,D)

Day 7 – Rising early, taking breakfast before returning along the same path back to El Peñón enjoying lunch en route at El Libertador, with its spectacular views of the valley below. A great place to take photos of the “bust” of Simon Bolivar, named as such by students from the Central University of Venezuela back in 1956. Overnight at El Peñón. (B,L,D)

Day 8 – Early breakfast around 6:00am before the downward trek to Camp Guayaraca, lunch and descent to Kavak Lodge. Overnight at Kavak Lodge. (B,L,D)

Day 9. Flight to Canaima – Caracas. (B)

Itinerary Brief for 12 day Expedition

Day 1: Uruyén to Guayaraca

Day 2: Guayaraca – El Peñón

Day 3: El Peñón – El Oso

Day 4: El Oso – La Neblina

Day 5: La Neblina – Estacion Central Auyántepui

Day 6: Estacion – Salto Angel (Angel Falls)

Day 7: Full Day at Angel Falls

Day 8: Salto Angel – Estacion

Day 9: Estacion – El Dragon

Day 10: El Dragon – El Oso

Day 11: El Oso – El Peñón

Day 12: El Peñón – Guayaraca or Uruyén / Kavak

Day 13: Uruyén / Kavak – Canaima – Caracas

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