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Encounter One Of The World’s Most Powerful Bird Of Prey – The Harpy Eagle.

This majestic bird of prey is on the wish list of many a birdwatcher or nature lover. Our guides follow the annual movements of these nesting birds in “the forest” somewhat basically guaranteeing that we can be close to an active nest.

The parents often visit their nest two or three times a day when hunting for food. The juveniles will stay particularly close to the nest for up to one year after it is hatched.

Harpu juvenile close to its nest.


You should allow an extra 2-3 days for the Harpy Eagle experience in order to visit the area and not be disappointed with not viewing this powerful eagle. Combine the trip with the Orinoco Delta or Angel Falls even and other destinations in the east.

We prefer not to share the exact location as often this type of information can go viral. An authentic experience is what we aim to give.

All transfers, accommodation in a local posada or even camping, expert guides, meals and we guarantee too, a very safe experience.

Contact us separately and we will let you know you may combine this unforgettable experience with other tours in Venezuela so you can enjoy your time in a very efficient way.

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