Mérida – Los Llanos Trip Detail.

Detailed Itinerary for the Andes Los Llanos Trip

  • Day 1: Caracas – Mérida City
    We will enjoy lunch at a local market and afterwards explore one of the most historical and beautiful cities of the Andes which dates back to the 14th C. In the afternoon we will take a scenic drive to La Mucuy Park – an Andean rainforest known for its rich bird and plant life. Next we will visit, dine and overnight at Estancia Mucunuy, an old coffee farm built 200 yrs ago.
  • Day 2: Estancia Mucunuy – Apartaderos
    Today we will ride the world’s longest (7.7 miles) and the highest (15,635 feet) aerial cable car – the Teleférico. This remarkable 1 1/2 hour mountain journey starts from Mérida, sweeps across the valley and rises above steep forested hills, cascading rivers and waterfalls to the summit – a wonderful panorama of snow-capped mountains, glaciers and lakes. Following our descent and lunch, we continue to the Mifafí highlands – home of the Andean Condor. There we will visit the Juan Manuel Paez Biological Station where we will learn about this impressive bird. Dinner and overnight in Apartaderos, a beautiful Andean town at an altitude of 10,200 feet.
  • Day 3: Apartaderos – Barinas
    After breakfast we hike to La Victoria Lagoon and discover the diversity of Andean vegetation in this tropical, high-mountain climate. We will conclude our travel to Barinas, the gateway of the Venezuelan grasslands.
  • Day 4: Barinas – Los Llanos
    Today we will drive to Hato El Cedral – a 106,000-acre ranch located in the heart of Los Llanos. We will lunch and relax around the camp before embarking on a safari type tour of the wildlife sanctuary by jeep. The grasslands and lush gallery forests offer us a unique opportunity to see a vast array of tropical wildlife in a single day. In fact, a greater variety of wildlife than just about anywhere else in the world – giant anteaters, iguanas, capybaras, red howler monkeys, tapir, deer, giant river otters, caiman, crocodiles, anacondas, armadillos, ocelots, and more than 300 species of birds. and has a brand of its own unforgettable folk music. At sunset watch the beautiful spectacle of thousands of birds flying back to their nests. After dinner we will enjoy an evening of “joropo” folk music.
  • Day 5: Hato El Cedral
    In the morning we will visit different nesting sites and possibly find an anaconda or two. Our guides will take us to several spots where we can see armadillos, owls, anteaters, ospreys, aplomado falcons, red scarlet ibis, Orinoco geese, and maybe a glimpse of the elusive cougar. After lunch we will prepare for one of the best experiences the llanos has to offer – the boat tour. By boat we will view spectacled caiman and Orinoco crocodiles and, depending on the season, fish for piranha. If we are lucky we will enjoy a beautiful sunset over the vast expanse of surrounding wetlands. Dinner and overnight at the camp with the possibility of a night tour.
  • Day 6: Hato El Cedral – Caracas
    After breakfast we will enjoy another morning observing wildlife in the areas surrounding the camp. After lunch we will drive back to Barinas to take our flight to Caracas. Dinner and overnight at a Caracas hotel (optional at an additional charge).
  • Day 7: Caracas – USA

The Los Llanos has two distinct seasons that provide different traveling opportunities. Please contact our office for more info….. Dry season: Dec-May Rainy season: May-Nov

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