The Ultimate Andean Adventure.


Imagine this…

The dawn breaks in the foothills of the Andes Mountains and begins to burn away the morning fog. The snow-capped peaks stand majestically in the crisp air, greeting the morning sun. As the sky clears, you imagine catching a rare glimpse of an Andean Condor soaring royally in the deep blue sky.

Travel through time through the small quaint picturesque Andean villages, the farmers working the hillsides still using horse and ploughs, stopping occasionally to sample the culinary delights such as local trout (Trucha) served in every which way possible followed by a tasty desert of local strawberries and cream…..

Drive the narrow windy roads alongside the same valley where once upon a time Simon Bolivar entered from the north with his army to liberate Venezuela. Visit beautiful glacial lakes and hike till your hearts content, breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Making This Trip A Reality

Los Navados town

This unique natural adventure experience and many others like it can be yours on Angel-Eco Tours – a number of customized packages are available to the region to suit your taste. Visit the Sierra La Culata and Sierra Nevada on either side of a valley. Paraglide high in the peaks of the Andes, hike to Pan Azúcar and camp out, enjoy a beautiful trek to hot springs, ride horses / mules high in Los Nevados (a forgotten town high up in the mountains) and much more.

On this adventure trip, you will experience a variety of ecosystems: highlands, cloud forests, alpine regions with glaciers and a rich diversity of bird and wildlife.

The most important river in the state is the “Chama” because a large part of the water resources of Venezuela originates in the Mérida mountains. The state tree is the “Bucare” and the state flower is the “Frailejón”, the “Coloradito” contains the tree that is found at the highest altitude in the world. In this mountainous habitat lives the rare and endangered “Oso Frontino” bear and the rare Condor flies through the skies of the Páramos – the area is full of small trout fisheries.

At the time of writing we are awaiting the re-opening of the famous cable car ride nestled between Bolivar and Humboldt Peaks – once the longest cable car in the world, rising high above a number of different ecosystems.

ChamaA veritable visual feast for bird watchers with over 350 species of birds inhabiting the mountainous region of Mérida and the Páramos highlands, including the sword-billed hummingbird, the Andean condor, the black-chested buzzard eagle as well as the strangely beautiful cock of the rock.
You will visit the friendly native Andean people, called Andinos. The towns and villages of the Andinos date back to Spanish colonial times.
On this Angel-Eco Tours’ adventure travel package, you will be taking moderate high-altitude walks and hikes. Of course, this trip can be customized to suit your needs.

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Couple this trip with some days in Los Llanos for wildlife watching, visit Maracaibo Lake and the Catatumbo Lightning phenomenon.

Trip Summary
When to go

All year round.


Customized trips available – prices on request


3-5 days


Depends upon the level of difficulty and activity sought after. The air is fresh but quite thin as the city and the region are high in the mountains. The days can be around 22-25°C whilst the nights can drop to 12-14°C.


Various posadas and beautiful inns. Camping also available for Pan Azúcar Trek (with guide and all equipment)

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