Orinoco Delta (sample itinerary) – Jun 8-11, 2023


The Orinoco Delta is a unique experience, rainforest surrounded by tributaries – an area inhabited by the Warrao and teeming with wildlife. On arrival local Warao families tend to visit the lodge whilst you are staying there to show off and sell their handicrafts – from elaborate hammocks to woven place-mats etc. 

Imagine this – the tropical sun slaps the waters of the Orinoco River as you lazily drift in a canoe under a lush canopy of trees. Suddenly, the jungle explodes with sounds of howler monkeys screeching, scaring hundreds of colourful birds into flight. You grab for your binoculars while your travel companion focuses their camera. 

At dusk the sky above is full of macaws and during the day there are toucans, pelicans, parrots, kingfishers and dozens of exotic species that you may never have seen before. The sounds of squawking and screeching and flapping wings then subside, the jungle quietens once again as nighttime begins. 

During the day as you drift in your canoe, you may see a bottle-nosed river dolphins jump out the water. This is why you left your home to visit Venezuela

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Departure dates

Depart: Caracas – June 8th

End: Caracas – June 11th 2023

IMPORTANT: this trip can be combined with a trip to Angel Falls or Roraima.

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