Los Llanos & the Andes

(Wetlands Wildlife Tour & The Venezuelan Andes)

Los Llanos

This complex ecosystem is permanently affected by drought and rain like the Pantanal in Brasil, it has a tropical savanna climate. The wettest months are usually June and July. 

A wonderful destination for wildlife viewing.

The Llanos is an expanse of wetlands roughly 375,786 sq. kms in size. The gallery forests are home to a diverse range of large and medium sized mammals, including the collared peccary, white lipped peccary (South American Tapir), white-tailed deer, wedge capped capuchin, Venezuelan red howler monkey and large cats like the puma.

This is a unique natural and wildlife adventure experience, the diversity of wildlife and birds is incredible in the Llanos. From the safety and comfort of jeeps, you will get a chance to see crocodiles, armadillos, capybaras, caiman, howler monkeys, anacondas, giant anteaters and many other exotic creatures in this remarkable ecosystem.

Los Llanos. Wildlife Tour. Venezuela
Teeming with life. How many species can you spot?


Los Llanos. Wildlife Tour. Venezuela
Capybara family with Caiman and Crocodiles close by.

Day 1. Barinas to Los Llanos

Early departure from Barinas or Mérida (approx. a 3 hour car journey) to one of the famous ranches of the Llanos. After lunch familiarise yourself with your surroundings.

There will be many animals and birds to feast your eyes on. In the trees around you could be red howler monkeys, great horned owls, scarlet macaws, whistling ducks and on the ground large iguanas, and  capaybaras roam. 

Late afternoon take an open truck ride to view the llanos and it’s many inhabitants, like white-tailed deer, anacondas, giant anteaters, savanna foxes, pumas and the endangered orinoco crocodile.

Returning to the lodge for dinner and perhaps some joropo music performed by the local ranchers. 

Day 2. Los Llanos

Wake up early to the cacophony of birds outside and take a brisk walk at sunrise, quite a treat, the sky and plains and water are full of activity before the hot sun arrives. Following breakfast the lodge will take you on other excursions to explore, in particular a river boat trip (which may also be arranged early morning by request).

We may see anacondas, crab eating racoons, whistling ducks, jaribu, red scarlet ibis and many other interesting species – do take a good bird book with you or refer to Angel-Eco’s bird and mammal list, its fun trying to identify everything. On the boat trip we are off on another adventure on the Matiyure River, more to see like the adami heron, hoatzin, sun bitterns, giant otters, giant potoo and a local black collared hawk that the local boatmen like to feed (quite a show). Maybe try your hand at piramha fishing or watch your guide jump into the river to fish out a large snapping turtle. Finally the boatmen will feed an alligator boat side, another show to enjoy.

The sunset each night is quite impressive with thousands of flocking birds returning to their roosts. Dinner and overnight at the lodge. (B,L,D)

Los Llanos. Wildlife Tour. Venezuela
Group with a nice sized anaconda.

Mérida. The Andes. Venezuela
The Páramos. Near Lake Mucubají.

Day 3. Los Llanos to Andes (Páramos)

Breakfast then transfer to the Andes. Visit the stunning Calderas waterfalls and natural pools along the way.

Visit a local coffee plantation and see the process that the locals of Los Andes foothills employ in growing. 

Overnight at local posada in the highlands, no dinner included. (B,L)

Day 4. Venezuelan Andes

Breakfast and explore the Andes.

Hiking in Sierra Nevada National Park. Visit and discover different highland villages.

Overnight at local posada in the highlands, no dinner included.

Mérida - Andean adventure
Sierra Nevada hike.

Mérida. The Andes. Venezuela
Mérida’s cable car.

Day 5. Mérida

Breakfast. Cable car tour (provided tickets are available).

Visit to Mérida City’s downtown area and local market. 

Optional: Paragliding tour in the afternoon in the surroundings of Mérida.

Overnight at local posada, no dinner included.

Day 6. Mérida – Caracas

Transfer to the airport. END OF TOUR

Should you wish to spend more time in the Llanos we would be delighted to help you make that happen. Especially if you are a birdwatcher or photographer.

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