Angel falls & ORINOCO DELTA

(8 days)

Angel falls & ORINOCO DELTA

One of the most popular of combinations that combines two very different indigenous cultures the Pemón and the Warao. Canaima also offers great landscapes with spectacular waterfalls while the Orinoco Delta abundant exotic wildlife.

From the  tallest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls in Canaima National Park, Venezuela to the dense rainforest of the Orinoco Delta.

Angel Falls

One of the world’s eight natural wonders – Angel Falls – the icon of Venezuela

The tallest waterfall in the world standing at 979 metres / 3,212 feet, located deep in Canaima National Park. The falls were named after an American Bush pilot – Jimmie Angel – for more information visit: 


Angel Falls, Venezuela - the tallest waterfall in the world
Canaima Lagoon with its 8 waterfalls.

Days 1, 2, 3, 4: Canaima National Park. Angel Falls.

Flight to Canaima National Park on day 1 in the morning.

All meals (except breakfast and lunch on day 1 / dinner on day 4). English speaking guide. Boat trip onto Canaima lagoon and hike to Sapo Falls or Hacha Falls. River expedition to the base of Angel Falls. Accommodation in hammocks in front of Angel Falls for one (2) nights + beds for two (2) nights at your chosen lodge 

Flight out of Canaima National Park on day 4, arrival to Caracas around 11:30am. No lunch included. 

Overnight at a comfortable hotel / posada in Caracas. No lunch or dinner included. 

Photo Gallery – ANGEl falls

Orinoco Delta

On arrival local Warao families tend to visit the lodge whilst you are staying there to show off and sell their handicrafts – from elaborate hammocks to woven place-mats etc. 

The tropical sun slaps the waters of the Orinoco River as you lazily drift in a canoe under a lush canopy of trees. Suddenly, the jungle explodes with sounds of howler monkey’s screeching scaring hundreds of colourful birds into flight. You grab for your binoculars while your travel companion focuses their camera. 

At dusk the sky above is full of macaws and during the day there are toucans, pelicans, parrots, kingfishers and dozens of exotic species that you may never have seen before. The sounds of squawking and screeching and flapping wings then subside. The jungle quiets down once again beneath the steamy noontime sun. 

As you drift in your canoe, you may see a bottle-nosed river dolphins jump out the water. This is why you left your home to visit Venezuela

Orinoco Delta - Venezuela
Crimson Crested Woodpecker.

Day 5, 6, 7, 8: Caracas – Puerto Ordaz – Delta Orinoco – Caracas

Day 5. Fly to Puerto Ordaz then on to the Orinoco early on day 5. Evening meal.

Day 6, 7, 8. Orinoco Delta: Activities include; canoeing, piranha fishing, wildlife observation, jungle walk and a visit to a Warao indigenous community.

Overnight at rustic accommodation in beds + private bathroom (2 nights in Orinoco Delta). All meals and soft drinks included. 

Overnight in Maturin on day 3 at standard hotel, no dinner included. 

Day 8. Flight to Caracas in the morning and overnight at standard hotel by the airport, no meals included. One can then join a Caracas City Tour.

Orinoco Delta - Venezuela
Red Howler moneys.

Orinoco Delta - Venezuela                                       Warao family in canoe.

A Warao woman weaves a hammock

How Can you Help The Local Warrao?

Here are local Warao families that tend to visit the lodge whilst you are staying there. 

We would suggest you save a little cash, preferably dollars to buy some goods from them so no-one will be disappointed – every little helps them and their families. You can even negotiate with bags of rice, cooking oil, olive oil and even medicines. The children here suffer from bad nutrition, headaches and sadly, diarrhoea, so any medicines you could bring would also be really appreciated.

The Warao families are quite large, often with large families of 6-10 children so even clothing for adults and children are very much appreciated. 

For your  comfort and peace of mind – we suggest that you bring some bottled water with you, Loperan tablets and a strong mosquito spray (non-deet if possible) to be comfortable. There are mosquitos and these are prevalent on the jungle / canopy tour and especially at dusk. Loperan is a medicine for the prevention of tummy sickness such as diarrhoea – not to worry unduly but if you are sampling “delights” from the jungle then it may help. 

Photo Gallery – Delta orinoco

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