ultimate angel falls expedition


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ultimate angel falls expedition

An original trip from Angel-Eco Tours, landing on the same airstrip that Jimmie Angel landed. It is a trip to Canaima’s Angel Falls, the icon of Venezuela, starting in Uruyén, Kamarata Valley

Includes spectacular scenery with ancient tepuis overlooking the scene every day, table-top mountains billions of years old, rainforest and savannahs. Also a cultural immersion with the local Pemón of Kamarata Valley, and much more

Angel Falls – is the tallest waterfall in the world standing at 979 metres / 3,212 feet, located deep in Canaima National Park. The falls were named after an American Bush pilot – Jimmie Angel – in November 1933.

Kavak. Kamarata Valley.


Kavak Canyon. Golondrina Falls..

Day 1. Caracas – Kavak

Fly from Caracas to Canaima and then take a small Cessna flight to Kavak in Kamarata Valley located deep inside Canaima National Park

Afternoon activities include a hike into Kavak Canyon and visit the spectacular waterfalls inside the canyon. Tewenarempa Falls (Honey Bee) and Golondrina Falls (Swallow Fallls) there.

Overnight in Kavak. (D)

Day 2. Kavak

Before or after breakfast enjoy a vigorous 2-3 hr hike to La Toma a rock balancing on other rocks in the river high above KavakLegend has it that if this rock ever falls it would be the end of the world. Then hike a little further to the Indian Canyon / waterfall. where the rock face looks like an Indian’s face. Take a refreshing dip in the waters below.

Return to Kavak for lunch and a short siesta before a cultural display of dancing by the children from Santa Marta, a small untouched community nearby.

Participate in the dancing and enjoy tasting La Toma, a sample of indigenous food the Pemón eat.

Overnight in Kavak. (B,L,D)


La Toma. Myth – If La Toma falls then the world will end.

Capuchin Mission with Auyántepui in the back ground.

Day 3. Kavak – Kamarata

Morning free before hiking / taking the jeep to Kamarata, the local community nearby (about 4 kilometres). In Kamarata maybe visit a local school, the Capuchin Mission or the Cultural Centre and Museum that we have helped build through our two not for profits, Angel Conservation (New York) and Fundacíon Etnika (Caracas).

Overnight in Kamarata at Karaurimba lodge, bathrooms but sleeping in hammocks. (B,L,D)


Day 4. Kamarata – Arenal

After breakfast hike to Kamarata Port take to the Akanaan River in a motorised curiara (dugout canoe) for a delightful trip, stopping for lunch and a dip alongside the rapids at Iwana Meru, then on to the secluded camp at Arenal. 

The camp is situated along the banks of the Carrao River opposite Wei Tepui (Sun and Moon tepui) and the vast walls of Auyántepui, two table-top mountains reaching high into the sky. 

Overnight in hammocks. (B,L,D)

Night time at Arenal Camp.

Into Devil’s Canyon.

Day 5. Arenal – Angel Falls

River journey continues into Devil’s Canyon, to the base of Angel Falls

From our rustic camp on Ratoncito Island we will hike to several spectacular views of the falls. 

Overnight in hammocks. (B,L,D)

Day 6. Angel Falls

Extra day at Angel Falls. Relax and enjoy a hike to the falls, stopping at Laime’s Lookout in front of the falls and then taking a refreshing dip at the base of the falls.

Overnight in hammocks at a Ratoncito Island camp. (B,L,D)


Angel Falls, Venezuela - the tallest waterfall in the world
Angel Falls. View from Laime’s Lookout Point.

Angel Falls, Venezuela - the tallest waterfall in the world
Canaima Lagoon.

Day 7. Angel Falls – Canaima

Return to the Carrao River via the Churün River in Devil’s Canyon and on to Canaima. 

Visit Sapo Falls or Hacha Falls in Canaima Lagoon

Overnight in Canaima at a local lodge. (B,L,D)

Day 8. Canaima – Caracas

Breakfast. Leisurely morning in Canaima before returning to Caracas. Last chance for souvenirs. (B)

Angel Falls, Venezuela - the tallest waterfall in the world
Rio Carrao – Canaima

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