Venezuela Discovery tour

Angel Falls, Morrocoy, Los Llanos, Mérida & Caracas

Venezuela Discovery tour

Our unique Venezuelan Discovery Tour starts in Western Venezuela including Los Llanos, the Andes, Morrocoy National Park, and an expedition to Angel Falls in Canaima National Park. A combination of 4 or 5 different ecosystems.

This tour is a perfect blend of nature, wildlife, relaxation, culture and true discovery. Twelve days from the South East to the West of the country.

Angel Falls.


Hacha and Golodrina with Kurun and Kusari tepuis in the background

Day 1. Caracas

Arrival to Caracas, pick up and transfer to a local hotel / posada. No meals.

Day 2, 3, 4, 5. Angel Falls Expedition

Flight to Canaima National Park on day two early in the morning from Caracas. Boat trip onto Canaima lagoon and hike to Sapo or Hacha Falls. River expedition to the base of Angel Falls.

Accommodation a mixture of beds, in hammocks and even maybe tents – at least one night in front of Angel Falls.

All meals (except breakfast on day two lunch and dinner on day five). English speaking guide.

Flight out of Canaima N.P on day five. No lunch, no dinner included.

photos – Angel Falls Expedtion

Day 6. Morocoy National Park

Breakfast, Leisure day to relax in one of the most spectacular beaches of Venezuela, Morrocoy National Park. Overnight at local standard posada en route to los Llanos, Lunch and dinner not included. (B)

One of Morrocoy’s numerous beaches.

Los Llanos. Wildlife Tour. Venezuela
British family on wildlife tour.

Day 7. Los LLanos

Overland tour to the Venezuelan Llanos with a few stops along the way. Afternoon wildlife observation. Overnight at standard accommodations in the Llanos.

Day 8. Los Llanos – Hato Cedral

Breakfast.  Wildlife observation tours in the morning and afternoon. (By truck, foot and boat).

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

photos – Los Llanos

Day 9. Hato El Cedral – Los Paramos (Andes)

Breakfast. Morning tour in El Cedral and drive to the Paramos in the Andes.

Overnight at local posada with dinner included. (B,D)

Mérida. The Andes. Venezuela
Paramos. Lake Mucubají.

Mérida. The Andes. Venezuela
Hot springs in Sierra Nevada National Park

Day 10. Sierra Nevada National Park

Breakfast. Hike in Sierra Nevada National Park to Laguna La Mucuy at 4,100 metres above sea level.

Picnic lunch. Drive to the city of Mérida and overnight at standard posada, no dinner included. (B, L)

Day 11. Mérida

Breakfast. Early morning to enjoy Humming birds feeding show. transfer to the airport and fly to Caracas. (B)

Mérido. Andes. Venezuela
Church en route to Mérida.


Day 12. Mérida – Caracas

Breakfast. Early morning to enjoy Humming birds feeding show. transfer to the airport and fly to Caracas. (B)

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