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Explore Venezuela

Discover the heart and soul of Venezuela, a country with indigenous cultures, abundant wildlife, diverse ecosystems – from the white-sandy beaches of Los Roques, the snow-capped mountains of the Andes, to the jungles of the Amazon and rainforest of the Orinoco.

One of the most bio-diverse nations on the planet.

In business since 2000, Angel-Eco Tours prides itself on being the first company to provide true Ecotourism, even to this day, in Venezuela.

Create your dream experience

We have helped many people create their dream experience in Venezuela, take a look at all the options available and we let us help you  create your own experience of a lifetime.

POPULAR trips – sample itineraries


ANGEL FALLS – flights leave Caracas Thursday’s & Sunday’s to Canaima National Park.

RORAIMA – groups of 4-8 people required. Check with us for departures.

ORINOCO DELTA – the perfect combination for Angel Falls.

CATATUMBO – best time to visit June through November. Small groups (4-8) necessary.

CARACAS CITY TOUR – always available.

Experience Venezuela

Experience the Bio-diversity of Venezuela

Few destinations on earth can boast the geographic and cultural diversity of Venezuela. On your adventure vacation with Angel-Eco Tours, your senses will be flooded with the sights and sounds of unspoiled natural wonders, from Angel Falls and vast rainforests to glorious beaches and crystal blue waters of secluded Caribbean islands.

Whether you are interested in hiking, trekking, kayaking, wildlife photography, bird watching, scuba diving or meeting Venezuela’s native peoples, Angel-Eco Tours can make your adventure dream a reality.

Angel Falls, Venezuela - the tallest waterfall in the world

Experience the cultural diversity of Venezuela

Venezuela has a rich cultural heritage, which boasts no fewer than 31 Indigenous tribes. The Pemón of Canaima National Park, the Warao of Delta Orinoco and the Piaroa of the Amazonas – just but a few of the indigenous communities that one can visit with your hosts at Angel-Eco Tours.

The country’s music combines Spanish, African and native rhythms. The national dance is the joropo, which features vocals, guitars, maracas and harp. Along the coast there is a strong African influence where the locals dance the sensual tambora to powerful drum rhythms and in Zulia state “gaita” is the popular style. You could experience it all with Angel-Eco Tours.

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